When the Opportunity Looks Crummy

Learning When to Say Yes Photo by Tadeu Jnr on Unsplash What If The Opportunity Looks Differently than Planned Wanting to become a great aviator, Amelia Earhart couldn’t make her living as a pilot so she took a job as a social worker. One day, however she was offered a pretty offensive opportunity. It went along the lines... Continue Reading →

2,130 Games: Showing Up Matters

Photo by Daniel Vargas on Unsplash On April 30th, 1939, Lou Gehrig played his last game with the Yankees. On the last day in April, his consecutive streak of 2,130 games ended. Gehrig’s record stood until Cal Ripken, Jr. broke it in 1995. Gehrig was an incredibly accomplished player, and played a large part in leading the Yankees... Continue Reading →

Why I Can Believe In Myself

Maybe I Already Have the Ability Within Me Photo by Andy Montes de Oca on Unsplash I Did Some Digging After a failed attempt at running a pace, I should have been able to master no matter what, I decided I needed to revisit what happened in my last run. I also decided to write a pep talk to... Continue Reading →

The Quest to Run a 100-Mile Week

A Distance Runner’s Challenge The Dream of 100 Miles With the wind at my back, and three kids and a golden retriever by my side, I extended my arms to give thanks for the ability to do what I had never done before.  I completed a challenge that had once seemed impossible. I had completed... Continue Reading →

Become Who You Want To Be 

The First Time I Called Myself A Runner I remember the first time I called myself a runner.  I was on a first date with my husband, and we were waiting for a movie to begin. Trying to sound impressive to someone who had previously been a pretty good cross country runner, before I really... Continue Reading →

Train So You Can Tolerate it

  Embrace the Journey Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, Nick Foles has experienced several ups and downs during his career.  From Superbowl wins to a broken collar bone, and a list of many other ups and downs, Foles has embraced the journey. He says, “Our purpose isn’t football.  It’s impacting people”. Foles says that when you read... Continue Reading →

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