REAL #OneWord2019

My eyes flashed open.  I sat up straight, and realized that I needed to read Tara Martin’s, Be Real.  I couldn’t quite explain why, but I knew I needed to order it soon.  I had seen the book advertised several months ago, and to be honest, I wondered what the book would tell me that... Continue Reading →

Timeless, Classic, Storied A Reflection on Traditions

Traditions have a way of glittering our days in December.  Decorating cookies, holiday craft parties, singing Christmas Carols, Christmas Eve service, sledding, reading the Night Before Christmas, watching holiday movies, putting up the tree, gathering with friends and family, attending the Nutcracker; there is something magical about looking forward to the same things each year.... Continue Reading →

116, 92, 68 – I am grateful

116, 92, and 68 Grateful for the in between moments and an awareness of time This weekend we filled three different marble jars. One jar contained 116, another contained 92, and the last a mere 68 marbles. Each marble would represents the number of months between November 2018, and June of my three kids’ perspective... Continue Reading →

How One Book Changed My Life

My journey as a reader. I was filled with embarrassment.  As my eyes scanned from right to left,  I realized that I had not read any of the titles in front of me.  I was on a second date with my now husband, Nate, and I had some extra time between dinner and our movie.... Continue Reading →

A Simple Goal for Day 1

A Simple Goal for Day 1- Smile More And just like that Summer 2018 becomes a memory.   While I am sad to see a season end, and will really miss time at home with my family; there is just something about a fresh start, and the opportunity to begin something that is exciting.  I... Continue Reading →

Why I Tribe

I belong. I am so excited to write my first post as a member of the Compelled Educators Tribe! Honestly, it feels like a dream come true to be able to write, connect, collaborate and be inspired by a truly outstanding group of educators. I am in shock that I get to be part of... Continue Reading →

The Compelled Educator

I can't believe I have been accepted into such an amazing group of people!  I have been reading the blog posts from so many of these inspiring educators for quite some time.  I have been looking for a way to increase my discipline when it comes to blogging.  I am a writer!  I have been... Continue Reading →

May’s New Thing

Planting vegetables and learning a magic trick Note:  This month I want to try to master two things I have previously not been successful with and see what I could do to master each of them. The Garden When the plants in a garden grow, it feels magical.  I have always wanted to have a... Continue Reading →

A Movie with Subtitles

April's New Thing During a typical evening, I feel like I am doing upwards of 10 things at a time. I suppose you could call it a form of multitasking. It is not uncommon for me to carry around my phone in order to listen to podcasts, an audio book or even a youtube video... Continue Reading →

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