Become Who You Want To Be 

The First Time I Called Myself A Runner I remember the first time I called myself a runner.  I was on a first date with my husband, and we were waiting for a movie to begin. Trying to sound impressive to someone who had previously been a pretty good cross country runner, before I really... Continue Reading →

Train So You Can Tolerate it

  Embrace the Journey Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, Nick Foles has experienced several ups and downs during his career.  From Superbowl wins to a broken collar bone, and a list of many other ups and downs, Foles has embraced the journey. He says, “Our purpose isn’t football.  It’s impacting people”. Foles says that when you read... Continue Reading →

A Good Coach

When someone requires your best, take it as a compliment Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash What a Good Coach Demands A good coach, who I admire posted the following quote yesterday, “Athletes, a good coach will demand in direct proportion to how much they believe in you and care for you. When someone requires your best, take it... Continue Reading →

The Fight Is Yours To Win

When You Hit Rock-Bottom I know that I can deal when things are bad. I can come back when things are at their worst. I’m not afraid of losing all my money or losing my career because I know I’m capable of living in my car and rising up.  Once you've conquered the worst things... Continue Reading →

Craving a Connection

Leaning Into Lent Chocolate, Diet Coke, Social Media, time on my phone, complaining, or snacking. I wondered what I should give up.  On the way home from school Tuesday, it dawned on me that Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent was soon approaching.  Throughout the years I have given up several different things, although... Continue Reading →

Imagine a World Without Waste

Why I Choose to Shop Second-hand Photo by Artificial Photography on Unsplash Solving world problems is a challenge. I want to contribute to making the world better than I found it. I am passionate about a number of ways this can be achieved. I know my faith, parenting, commitment to education, and the writing I produce will certainly... Continue Reading →

When to Turn Back

The Quest for the Summit of Everest I recently watched a documentary created by Rizza Alee, an 18-year-old mountaineer who filmed his journey climbing mount Everest. He had spent years preparing, dreaming and saving money in an attempt to reach the highest point in the world. The cost of the trip averages between 50 and 75... Continue Reading →

Fall in Love with the Hard Work

Dreams of being a World Famous GymnastBefore I turned 11, I was determined to become a world famous gymnast.  I was enrolled in an acrobatics class at the local recreation department, and practiced my cartwheel and round off on a regular basis.  On the weekends my sisters and got up early to put the movie,... Continue Reading →

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