If Not Now, Then When?

Transforming the acronym, "YOLO"  I have often used the phrases, "One Day I will", or 'When I have more money I will", or "When I am more established, or my kids are older, I will be able to", "In the future I want to".  Procrastination serves a purpose.  There have been times that I feel... Continue Reading →

Perfect Feedback

Is there such a thing as perfect feedback? Feedback can be tricky. We all need to give it and we need to hear it. It seems easier to give feedback than to receive it some days. In a perfect world, we would like to say that we graciously take feedback objectively, and use it to... Continue Reading →

More Alike than I Expected

I have been resistant to reading Michelle Obama's book Becoming for quite a while.  I have respect for everything that she has accomplished, and the position that she has been in, but felt as though we were much too different to really want to read her story.  I was wondering if we would have anything in... Continue Reading →

Better than Yesterday

Reflections on Personal Growth Personal growth is something I crave.  A love of learning is one of my strengths.  I absolutely love listening to podcasts, watching videos and read endless books on any topic that looks interesting or helpful.  My goal is to be better than yesterday. Everyone sees growth different.  I thought I would... Continue Reading →

Stuck in the Pit

Winter.  Some months feel like the dates continually move backwards.  This February, I have experienced an incredibly wide range of emotions as I have committed to trying to use this month for the purpose of being real, but also finding focus to dedicate time to my goals.  It can even feel like you are trapped... Continue Reading →

REAL #OneWord2019

My eyes flashed open.  I sat up straight, and realized that I needed to read Tara Martin’s, Be Real.  I couldn’t quite explain why, but I knew I needed to order it soon.  I had seen the book advertised several months ago, and to be honest, I wondered what the book would tell me that... Continue Reading →

Letting the Positive Empower: What the Positivity Project Really Looks Like in the Classroom

What are the most important things a teacher can do? Answers could include, offering compassion, empathy, building confidence, providing enriched learning opportunities, guiding, instilling knowledge, and or teach values or character strengths like integrity, gratitude, humility, honesty and kindness (The 24 are listed in the graphic below). It is exhausting to even begin thinking about... Continue Reading →

Timeless, Classic, Storied A Reflection on Traditions

Traditions have a way of glittering our days in December.  Decorating cookies, holiday craft parties, singing Christmas Carols, Christmas Eve service, sledding, reading the Night Before Christmas, watching holiday movies, putting up the tree, gathering with friends and family, attending the Nutcracker; there is something magical about looking forward to the same things each year.... Continue Reading →

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