Be Proud

4:00 AM Faith Don’t Stop Until You are Proud One of my favorite running quotes from the Peloton Instructors is, "Don't stop until you are proud". Some days it is easy to work hard and feel proud about what we accomplish. Other days, it seems as though we can never do enough and it seems... Continue Reading →

4:00 AM Faith

Spreading Hope One Text Message at a Time For the last 60 days, I have received a text message every morning. How it all Began A friend of mine had posted on Instagram that a long time ago, one of her patients had asked if she wanted to be included in a group of people... Continue Reading →

Hacking the “Perfect” Life

Strategies that Make Room for Your Best Life Words Have Power The words we say to ourselves are powerful. What if we allow ourselves success by reprogramming our thoughts? In the past, we have been taught to eliminate the word “perfect” from our vocabulary. However, I am realizing that it is exactly the word that... Continue Reading →

Cardigan Day

We watched him on TV A man, who stood for the good Wore a cardigan Today I wore a cardigan.  My intent was to celebrate World Kindness Day.  Several social media posts asked people to wear cardigans to honor Mr. Rogers, an icon for kindness. I was excited to participate in the day because I... Continue Reading →

The Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Fun Ways to be Intentional about Teaching Gratitude Teaching Gratitude If we want kids to be grateful, we have to find a way to teach it. And not just go through the motions of talking about it, but by being intentional and teaching them how to seek out opportunities to reflect on gratitude daily. Gratitude... Continue Reading →

Permission to Have Fun

Is it Possible to Enjoy the Marathon? I love running and running a long way. But, something happens when the race starts: I stop enjoying the run. Looking back on 29 marathons, I think I have enjoyed only two of them. I admit that I have always enjoyed approaching the finish line in each race.... Continue Reading →

How to Be More Creative

How to Improve One of the Most Employable Skills Creativity Can Be Learned I used to think creativity was about being good at art, and being able to do a really good job on a project for school. I also thought that some teachers were creative and able to plan the most exciting lessons and... Continue Reading →

My Kids Make Their Lunches

And Why Your Kids Could Too I used to struggle making lunches. I am exhausted after a long day of teaching middle school. One job that I don’t enjoy is making lunches for three kids after I have cooked dinner and cleaned up the house. I decided when my daughter was two, I had to... Continue Reading →

Sharing My Seven

Why 7?   My favorite number is fourteen, and so the number seven feels like it is halfway to a milestone. The number seven also is a stand-alone number that is complete and just enough so that it is not overwhelming. As an educator, parent and writer, I have several resources that are in my regular... Continue Reading →

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